Members Only - March 4th Special

Introducing... the Godamburrito and the Chimilanka! Yes, it's a Sri Lankan burrito and chimichanga, both wrapped in our housemade godamba roti, then either grilled or fried.

For this day only, we're sharing these not-authentic-at-all creations that are usually reserved for our own lunch breaks. They will be available from 12 PM to 4 PM on Thursday, March 4. They cannot be ordered online -- call us at 503-233-4675 to order.


Choose between: Godamburrito ($10) or Chimilanka ($11)

Includes fried rice and dahl, then you can build your own from there!

Veg Only or Violife Cheese (add $2) or Polos Curry (add $2) or Chick'n Curry (add $2) or Impossible Meatball Curry (add $3)

Seeni sambol or pol sambol or both

Lunu miris or green chili sauce or both

Optional: Green cabbage, green onions, shredded carrots, banana peppers (add $1), pineapple (add $1.25), Violife Cheese (add $2)