Lamprais - Holiday Pre-Order
Lamprais - Holiday Pre-Order
Lamprais - Holiday Pre-Order
Lamprais - Holiday Pre-Order

Lamprais - Holiday Pre-Order

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Each packet serves one person. Lamprais must be baked at home before serving -- directions provided with each order. Our lamprais is gluten-free and nut-free, but contains soy. No substitutions.


Lamprey Curry

Plant-based chick’n & beef in a unique and richly-spiced curry made with coconut milk.

Frikkadel (2)

Plant-based Dutch meatballs made with onions, breadcrumbs, and Sri Lankan spices

Ash Plantain Curry

Fried ash-plantains cooked in a rich gravy with coconut milk, onions, turmeric, curry leaves, and other spices

Eggplant Pahi

A sweet-and-spicy pickled eggplant curry made with ground mustard seeds, coconut vinegar, chillies, shallots, and coconut milk

Blachan Sambal

Plant-based dried “prawn” sambal made with fried yuba, dried shitake, dulse, roasted coconut, chili flakes, and shallots

Seeni Sambal

Caramelized onions made with tamarind juice, chili flakes, curry leaves, and spices

Keeri Samba Rice

Lamprais "ghee" rice made with onions, garlic, ginger, beef-style broth, lemongrass, rampe, and coconut oil

Drizzled with coconut milk, then wrapped in banana leaf!


Pronounced "Lump Rice"  |  based on the Dutch word "lomprijst," meaning "packet of food"

Lamprais is a delicacy originally invented by the Sri Lankan wives of Dutch colonizers. It marries Lankan spices and rice with the meat-heavy diet of the Netherlands.

Packed in a banana leaf and either baked or steamed to reheat, it offered portability for take-to-work lunches. Over time it became a cherished dish across the island for holiday meals.

It’s the ultimate savory experience, pairing several umami-rich dishes that fuse together in the banana leaf while baking. Labor-intensive for us, but easy for you to heat and serve for a holiday meal! If you have other holiday plans, they can also be frozen and cooked at a later date.